Neela Film Productions Pvt Ltd is a renowned creative production house based in Mumbai, India. Neela Film Productions Pvt Ltd incepted in the year 1998 is founded & managed by Asit Kumarr Modi. Under his leadership & guidance, it has produced number of fiction & non-fiction shows for various channels with the aim of providing wholesome entertainment to the audiences. Its vision is to create shows that provide family entertainment along with social significance by permanently creating a place in the hearts of the audiences.

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Managing Director

Asit Kumarr Modi is the Founder & Managing Director of Neela Film Productions Private Limited a renowned creative production house based in Mumbai, India. His journey started twenty five years ago and it has all been about creating clean, family television shows that not only entertain but also educate. He was the first person to realize the potential of TV in entertaining with social messaging, spreading the message of positivity, communal harmony and national integration.

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Our Mission & Vision


Our Mission

Neela Flims Productions is dedicated to create thoughtful quality entertainment for family audiences

Our Vision

To be a leader in quality entertainment production & venture into various other mediums in the visual communication industry.

Work Phisolophy

To operate with integrity, respect and honesty towards our stakeholders and community local, national & international. Through our programming we attempt to highlight social issues thus bringing awareness and change in society. We believe in teamwork and nurture a friendly office environment with freedom of expression. We aim to provide a platform for creative passion & encourage Ooltah thinking.

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